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The SVFC team is made of experienced veterans in growing local, community organizations. We have studied other COOP success stories in creating our plans. To show you the path forward, we're giving you our timeline below.

Spring 2015

SVFC board formed, registered with NH State Dept, by-laws created, bank account established.

Fall 2015

SVFC joins Neighboring Food Co-op Association, pays dues, board attends NFCA events.

Winter 2015

SVFC creates logo, t-shirts go on sale

Spring 2016

SVFC represented at local events including Summerfest, High Mowing MayDay, regular board meetings are advertised.

Fall 2016

SVFC Farm to table dinner raises over $2000.

Spring 2017

SVFC website established, Facebook account established, membership drive begins.

Fall 2017

200 member milestone reached, SVFC board contracts for Feasibility Study costing approximately $20,000.

Winter 2017

500 member milestone reached, Feasibility Study presented to member-owners.

Spring 2018

800 member milestone reached. Store location committee active. Financing committee active.

Fall 2018

1000 member milestone reached. Location selected. Financing in place. General manager hired.

Spring 2019

Store opening!